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About us

Welcome to Fish Sniper Tackle:

Ever walk in to a store hoping to find a product in a specific size, color, and hook configuration only to find overpriced low quality products? Ever read online about all the fish biting on a bait you don’t have, and then find out that you cannot find it anywhere? Ever have an idea for a specific color pattern but not have the slightest idea where to have them made?

My business was started for all of the above reasons. I was tired of searching for a specific product only to find overpriced sub-quality materials. I began making products for myself and word quickly spread to a few friends. Within a year I was pouring and supplying a few people with a couple thousand jigs per year.

Over the last four years my business has steadily grown to a point where I could no longer simply take phone or email orders. With an eye on customer service I strive to provide my customers with the products they need and desire. From working with customers on custom color patterns to ordering specific molds and hook configurations, I’ve earned a reputation for outstanding customer service.